Monday, August 3, 2015

She's Back!

Hey blogosphere!

It's been a very long time since I wrote here, and for that I am sorry. Lots of things have been going on in my life, and my poor Full Belly Alchemist was neglected for some time.

Sometimes life is like that. Since I was last on here I've been through three jobs, sixty pounds of weight loss, a move to another part of my beloved Queens, an engagement and a marriage!

Those could be considered distractions :)

I've worked in helping feed the homebound elderly, to helping refugee and displaced women and children, to now helping kids with financial literacy, college and career readiness. The experiences in all three are ones I'll never forget.

While tasty foods are delicious, I am learning that I feel better eating healthier, and that I really appreciate the perhaps less than healthy stuff if I have it occasionally, and really savor it.

There will be a bit of both here, but the good thing is when you become selective, you make those bites count!! Better quality, less quantity.

That and The Fisherman and I make some damn good veggies!

Speaking of the Fisherman, we got engaged and then got married. It was epic, and involved bacon roses, Doughnut Plant as wedding cake, barbecue and sushi. A kitten bouquet also stole my thunder.

That and same sex marriage is now possible in ALL OF 'MERICA! How awesome is that!

Luckily a dear friend of mine verbally kicked me in the butt to start writing again (Thanks Mav!!!), and I have a NEW CAMERA!!

Thank you newly minted husband!!

So I plan to get back on this wagon and have some AWESOME photos and some good food to write about.

How about a trip outside of NYC? Perhaps a visit to see some bodacious babes, one in Seneca Falls, and one in Saratoga Springs. Both love food, and both knew how to treat a newly married gal and her hubby right!

Next stop, a road trip to "the rest of New York."