Thursday, July 7, 2011

Recipe Collaborations and Men Can (and Should!) Cook

I've got a few more meals that the Fisherman and I made together, or he made for me. The first one was really a collaboration of this and that in the fridge that we combined to make kimchi fried rice with eggs and white beans (hey, we were hungry!) The second dish was similar, where the Fisherman was explaining pan fried noodles to me, and he loves ramen. Like, really loves ramen. And KFC. So he put the two together. Finally during our "staycation" where we hung out in Manhattan, we came home from Trader Joes in Union square and he made a delicious meal.

I intend to post more of the Fisherman's masterpieces and will give him reign over my kitchen time and again. He lives with his folks, and his mom and dad are always making stuff in the kitchen, so his opportunities are limited. Being Italian, I always feel obligated to feed him when he comes over, overlooking the fact that he can, and probably should cook himself something. Perhaps I will learn to do that, in time...

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