Monday, July 25, 2011

Sweet Treat! A Visit to Doughnut Plant

One week, way back in March, the Fisherman and I took off from work to go on "staycation." Sure, traveling is fun and all, but who has $$ like that now? Besides, we live in one of the greatest cities in the world, so why not explore it?

So anyway, we took a trip into NYC one day for some fun times. I work in Manhattan, but I don't exactly explore it very much, since I'm here usually going to or coming from work. The Fisherman works in Jersey, so he literally passes through Manhattan, but not much else.

After seeing something on either Food Network or Travel Channel about Doughnut Plant, the Fisherman was very excited about checking it out. Seems he's quite the fan of fried doughnutty goodness. I am also not one to turn down a doughnut, and I always like to explore something new and exciting.

Problem is, the only time we could go would be the weekend, and the lines would be insane. We'd have to go during the week when everyone else was at work. Genius!!

Then I found out one opened in Chelsea, a somewhat easier trip than the Lower East Side, and we knew then that we had to check it out.

We got down there, and it was glorious!

It wasn't quite as crowded yet, but we were a little overwhelmed at the selections, and not wanting to go into a sugar induced coma, much. The flavors, the styles, (raised versus cake), it was like the doughnut Shangra-La.

After calming down a bit, we settle on our choices:

From left: vanilla bean yeast doughnut, pistachio cake, tres leches cake, valrohna chocolate yeast, and vanilla with blackberry jelly yeast doughnut, washed down with some house coffee.

Now, these are not your chain-store doughnuts, but any stretch. But these are definitely a treat, which doughnuts really should be, anyway. The yeast ones were good, but by nature, very airy. I think we were overall happier with the cakey consistency ones.

Here's the Fisherman enjoying one, he almost could fit that whole thing in his mouth. He would easily fit in among a family of Italians.

Then there's me, wearing this shirt for this very special occasion for a semi-hardcore Simpsons fan. Mmmmm, doughnuts...

And at the end of our coffee...

Ha, looks like a nipple. Because the Fisherman and I are nothing if not mature, serious adults, sometimes.

Doughnut Plant does make amazing doughnuts, I hope they keep up the good work, definitely a great experience. I am sure we will back.

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