Friday, September 30, 2011

Upstate Adventures, Part III: The Final Leg, An NYC-Style Chocolate Shop in Upstate New York

Ah, our final leg of our Upstate Adventure, yaay!! Another great place introduced to us by Mav, The Chocolate Mill, in Glens Falls, NY (also known as "Hometown U.S.A.", by Look Magazine in 1944). 

Now, a chocolate shop like this, in New York City, probably, well, most likely out of my league. But the owners, Frank and Jessica Vollkommer, both pastry chefs, decided to stay in Upstate New York, rather than open their shop in a more metropolitan area.  

Mr. Vollkommer is a Certified Master Pastry Chef, only one of a few, along with being an instructor at The Culinary Institute of America. He also won the French government medal for Grand Prize of the Salon at the New York Food Show. Mr. Volkommer easily could compete in a larger city, but wanted to allow greater accessibility to such high end chocolates for more people, like me, and probably you.  

 It was an incredible experience indeed, for the eyes and the tummy. The Fisherman, myself, Mav and Mav’s mom had dinner here, and of course I had to gawk at the beautiful (and delicious) chocolate. 

After Mav’s description of her encounter with the quiche, I had to give it a try. The dressing on the salad was killer, but I also prefer a dressing with more acid to oil. The quiche was delicious, another example of eating less of something good, rather than more of something less good. I will admit I was hungry later, but I should have just gotten more chocolate :)

The Fisherman had a pulled pork sandwich, I think he was happy with it (since I only got one bite :)).

Now of course this is a chocolate shop, so the star here is the chocolate. Not only beautiful from an aesthetic perspective, but delicious as well. After gawking and going back and forth, The Fisherman and I chose a plain truffle, a tiramisu truffle, and a passionfruit one. They were all amazing, but I’ll give an extra point for the passionfruit for creativity. The tartness worked amazingly well with the rich creamy chocolate. I was surprised, pleasantly. 

 It was an amazing experience. I don't think I'd be able to experience this back home. I had to travel to get chocolate like this. And I didn't even have to go to Paris either!

 For next time, perhaps a review of my second visit to Dumpling Fest 2011 on the Lower East Side.

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