Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Throwback: Dumpling Fest 2010

In order to fully compare Dumpling Fest 2010 and 2011, I figured the best thing to do was to do a throwback of my visit last year and use it as a basis for this year, since that’s essentially what I’m doing. 

I forget where I first heard about Dumpling Fest, considering the amount of food-related emails and blogs I subscribe to. But regardless, I heard about it, and had to check it out.

What I do recall from a year ago is that there were a lot more stalls and dumplings. I think it’s safe to say there were at least 16, I remember dropping a bit more on dumpling tasting than I care to admit. Yet I don’t have that many pictures which I find odd…

Anyway, onto the food!
Whole wheat dumplings from Tang's Natural. I actually really liked the veg ones (left), nice vibrant flavor. Did not miss the meat (my cat Bacon would refer to that as a blasphemy!) Traditional, no. Very appropriate for the area (Lower East Side, and across the street from a Whole Foods, which sells these), yes. Is Tang's Natural also a sponsor of Dumpling Fest? yes...

 I believe these are also Tang's natural chicken dumpling and edamame dumplings. Also good, nothing to be disappointed about.

This was pretty awesome.  These bao were like palm sized, and I was able to get 8 of them!! Mwahahaha! These are Da Bao veg bao (brown), and chicken bao (white), then repeated. Mmmm. Now this is a meal in itself.

Malaysian lemongrass dumplings. More wrapper than filling, and the sauce was the best part. Not good at a DUMPLING fest.

Typical ravioli, the sauce disappointed me, as it tends to (I'm very picky about my red sauce!). Meh

Pierogi. Notice the browned bits on it, that's from being pan fried, preferably in butter. I will rant more about this in my comparison for the 2011 Dumpling Fest.

And, something fun, sweet rice dumplingsL The darker brown was sesame, the lighter brown had nuts. Crazy texture! Very glutinous rice!

For a first visit, it was fun. Were they outstanding, the best dumplings I ever had? No, sad to say. Were they the most diverse dumplings I ever had in one place? Most def. That's what caused me to keep tabs on this event and come back this year. How did they compare? Stay tuned, and until then, mangia!

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