Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Homestyle Buffet

What could be better than a little taste of this, a taste of that? Here's a round up of pictures of things we made at home/ate at home. Mmmm nothing says love like home cooking!

I attempted to make pizza at home. It all started with this legend that you could grill pizza. My first attempt last year was a disaster. The dough was so soft it wound up falling into the fire. Not good. I’m a little leery about making my dough after that, so I got really excited when Stop & Shop had a sale on ready-made pizza sough balls. Huzzah! 

I got two white flour and two whole wheat, and naturally had to give it a go and make pizza at home. Definitely follow the times on the bag, or you’ll wind up with “well done” pizza like we did. Sad face. I'll post my second attempt at grilled pizza shortly, and how that was less of a bust, but still a bust. Double sad face.

Next we have The Fisherman's roasted chicken and crack pasta. I easily make crack pasta for him once a week. Here's the 411 on crack pasta and it's many variations. Sometimes the simple stuff is the best. Yay for The Fisherman cooking <3

Next is my take on Polish breakfast after our last trip to Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Kielbasi, cooked with eggs and onions, served with a side of nice rye bread. ZachwycajÄ…cy! I totally had to Google that, as my Polish is limited to saying grandma, lol. I might have to make another Greenpoint trip soon...

And now, The Fisherman's first taste of NYC breakfast, bagel and schmear with smoked salmon. I made a big goof with low fat cream cheese, thinking the emphasis is on the salmon. Grievous error. Never again. Other than that I think he really liked it.

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