Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New World Mall Food Court, Part One of Many

Hey, long time, no see. Sorry about the lack of postings, The Fisherman and I were going places, doing things, fishing, cooking, eating and of course, taking pictures. Things at the office have been a little hectic as well, but I have lots of stories, and pictures ready for your viewing pleasure. 

After visiting the New World Mall three times, we finally had the chance to check out the food court and actually eat something. 

I have every intention to go back, but if my next adventure takes too long, definitely check out these postings on the New World Mall food court: here's Serious EatsChowhound and The Village Voice. If you can get there, definitely make the trip.

First, a rare sight, the food court is empty. It literally just opened, but soon enough it will be quite full. 

For our first run we checked on Shikoku for the chicken teriyaki (any mall fav!), Tainjin’s buns, and the famous Snopo. 

The Fisherman, being a carnivore naturally needed meat, so our first stop was Shikoku. 

We got the usual double meat chicken teriyaki on rice, a good call on the meat, I think. It was good, mall teriyaki standard, something I can get close to where I live at iCook, or if I dare venture to the Queens Center Mall. Seriously, that place was manageable when it was half the size. Now, I get panic attacks just thinking of going there. That and wondering if someone’s going to fall on me

But I digress, onto Tainjin, and their buns, a long biscuity bread rope, a pumpkin bun, and a pork, ginger and scallion bun. How can you go wrong with a place whose icon is a dumpling??

All three were a buck each, making this an impressive snack.

I LOVED the bread rope one. It was bready, doughy, a great breakfast treat to me. 

Long rope of doughiness. Supposedly these are supposed to be sweeter rather than savory. For once, I prefer the latter.
 Bread rope mustache

For $1, I’d be quite full. The pumpkin one surprised me because I didn’t love it, and I usually really like all that is squashy. Too greasy. The pork, ginger and scallion bun was quite good, like wonton filling in a bread dough shell. 

Finally, Snopo. 


We couldn’t quite figure out what the appeal was, and then we got it. The ice is shaved super thin, and the initial flavor is in the ice, shaped like a round disk, with a whole in the middle to spin the disk. The consistency is part cotton candy, part ice cream, part snow. We wanted to see the essence of Snopo so we chose strawberry with strawberry syrup. It was like a fluffy strawberry Nestle Quick dessert. The food court was really hot so this totally hit the spot, we almost couldn’t eat it fast enough. 

I definitely want to go back, for the food we had, and the food we have yet to discover. 

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