Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Manor Oktoberfest: A Bus Trip to Beerfest!

I’ve been trying to take The Fisherman to Manor Oktoberfest, in the Atlas Mall in Glendale, for ages. The trouble is, his commute home is long so he’s not big on traveling much on Fridays. Saturdays and Sundays were running here and there, grocery shopping, fishing, this and that.

Then, Living Social had this deal, and that’s what snagged him! Mwahahahaha! They offered $25 credit at their restaurant for $12. Being me, I bought three credits, figuring we could do some serious damage. 

Problem is, you could only use one at a time. Bad news, we couldn’t have an amazing dinner for less than $40, but, it also means we get to go back, two more times. This place is so good, it’s well worth it.

I first saw Manor Oktoberfest on a trip to the Atlas Mall. I wrote about my first experience here, and wanted to share it with the Fisherman. 

We make our way to the bus, take our fun little adventure from Elmhurst, through Middle Village, the rest of middle-of-nowhere Queens, to Glendale. 

We take a quick tour of the mall, I’m so glad to see Bobbi and the Strays is still there. They're a non-profit, no kill shelter, so if you're looking for a companion to give a forever home to, please go to her. I seriously considered adopting from her when my cat Lucky died, but it was too soon. When the time comes, she's where I'll go.

Anyway, the problem with the Atlas Mall is that so many stores came, and then left, many are left empty, Border’s is going out of business. It’s sad because this could be a really nice grouping of shops. We shall see.

On a positive note, let’s talk about food!! The Fisherman was very excited about the liter of beer for less than $10, so we got one liter of Hofbräu München (the lighter beer) and one of the Spaten Oktoberfest (the darker beer). 

We both preferred the Spaten, however I will give the Hofbräu credit as a good summer beer. I mean it’s a German beer, it was good. 

 Then the appetizer, the Smoked Black Forest Bacon. So good, like always. I mean, where else can you get bacon as a meal starter??

Next the entrée. I had the Bratwurst and Knockwurst, served with Manor Potato Salad and Sauerkraut before, it did not disappoint. 

The Fisherman chose the two Kassler Rippchen (Smoked Loin Pork Chop) served with Home Fried Potatoes and Sauerkraut as the wild card dish. This also did not disappoint. It was hammy and delicious. 

All in all, I really, really like this place. And I think, just maybe, it won The Fisherman over as well. Good food, not cheap but so worth it. Now, what to try next? Any tips? Recommendations?

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