Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cooking with The Fisherman

So, more than we post, The Fisherman and I do cook (actually we eat at home during the week, usually healthy boring things, like HUGE salads for me, or whatever The Fisherman’s dad makes for him. We do enjoy eating out on the weekends, but we also like to get some ingredients and tear it up in the kitchen. 

Without further ado, The Fisherman whips up some pan fried tofu, marinated chicken, baby bok choy and pan fried noodles. 

First, the tofu. Now, we both really like tofu, but this application wasn’t the tastiest. I don’t think the wok was hot enough, because the tofu was coated in corn starch to create a tasty and crispy crust. Instead, it wasn’t. Maybe we’ll try it with a really hot pan next time. 

Next he’s showcasing his noodlicious skills. Flipping noodles and whatnot, coated in garlic, some pepper flakes, and chili oil that I made. 

A close up of the noodles. Mmmmm.

Next, some marinated chicken with oil, red pepper flakes, garlic and other delicious yumminess. It was really good, juicy, a rarity with white meat chicken.

Finally some sautéed baby bok choy, one of his favorites. I found it loses a lot of moisture, and I think I’d like to try something to make it a bit drier.

Other than that, nothing beats a meal made with love, no matter how it comes out. I love cooking, and being cooked for. It doesn’t have to be beef wellington and baked Alaska, it can, and should be something simple. Besides, who wants you exhausted from cooking?

Next time, I think it would be interesting to compare hot pot at a restaurant in Flushing to the home version. It’s my new favorite cold weather meal. Until then, mangia!

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