Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Foodie Frolicking, the Elmhurst Edition

Back in early January (I can’t believe January’s come and gone, and we’re already in February with Valentine’s Day just around the corner!), a new supermarket opened up near The Fisherman. 

He already has a Sparking Dragon market, New York supermarket, Hong King supermarket, and a bit of a walk away, Top Line (which is more Malaysian/Thai/Indonesian it seems). 

Now we have Sky Foods, which first opened in Flushing, and one in Elmhurst. We love a good market trip, and a new one is even more fun. Here’s our adventure!

For some reason we found lots of Japanese items, which was interesting since I don’t think we have many Japanese in the neighborhood. Or maybe there’s a wave of Japanaphilia here in Elmhurst? Either way it’s awesome sauce. 

Like these rice bowls with maneki neko

They were so awesome I had to get them. They’re quite nice for making a quick salad dressing or for dip for….veggies.

Hustle cat, awesome. Sadly I didn’t get this one, maybe next time.

More maneki neko stuff. 

Sorry, slightly distracted by kitties…

P.S. At SkyFoods they have perks for how much you spend. For example, if you spend $20, you get a free reusable bag (probably red since the New Year just started), and I think if you spend $50 or maybe $60, you get a free oyster sauce. The Fisherman's mom was impressed I knew that. 

Up next, The Fisherman makes dinner, yay!


  1. We have an Asian grocer in Connecticut called A Dong which has mostly Chinese stuff, but a whole isle of Japanese things, including a TON of candy. They have pocky and those amazing Kusagai fruit gummies. I think you're right that it's mostly a Japanaphilia thing -- but also, in this case, because Japanese candy is almost as good as Finnish candy...

    Sky Foods sounds great! :D

  2. I KNOW! Japanese candy is awesome. I also have major love for the Kasugai gummies, it's a serious addiction.

    It's interesting because there are so many options really close together, but on the other hand, there's lots of competition, and lots of options. It's fun to check out a new store, yaay field trip!