Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eating the Sea, and Cream Puffs

Last weekend, the Fisherman wanted to take his parents out for a belated Father's Day meal (his family likes to avoid the increase in people and price, and decrease in service during special occasions, so they tend to go before or after to celebrate). His mother was obsessed about going to Sik Gaek, Flushing, so that's where we went.

While in Flushing, we had some errands to do, and while his parent's went to check out the New World Mall (we went before, and I intend to go again to roll around the Food Court, ZOMG!) The Fisherman and I went in search of cream puffs. The last time we came, Taipan Bakery was closed and we went home, sans cream puffs. This time we were victorious!

The vanilla ones were amazing, don't waste your calories on the chocolate ones (DID I JUST SAY THAT??) I somehow could not seem to bite one, no matter how delicately, without spilling some cream on myself. Saturday was definitely "spill things on myself" day. They were good though.

After a snack, we were off to Sik Gaek. The Fisherman and I went previously with some friends of his, so I'll post that entry shortly. In the meanwhile, feast your eyes on THIS

This would be the contents of the octopus hot pot. It's basically eating the ocean in a spicy soup. The first time was sheer "WOW" factor. This time, the groggines and potential for a migraine wasn't worth it. Great for six or more people, four isn't enough to devour this shellfish bonanza!

Sunday, we went fishing at the Sunken Meadow State Park. What an experience! For someone who's a novice at fishing, I enjoy being out in the sun, and by the water. Being a Pisces, I feel more "at home," by the ocean. The view is spectacular. For the Fisherman, well, that's why I call him that, he likes fishing. For once, since the weather was above freezing (although I would debate that), we BOTH actually caught something!!

Now, these are called sea robins. They're considered "garbage fish" because people who fish consider them to be less appealing to catch, and they eat the bait that's for the "real" fish. Some people actually catch them and leave them to die on land because no one wants them. For the Fisherman, the meat is edible, very mild, and it's a living thing!! So, we took our catch (and one left to die by a prick), and the Fisherman's dad cooked it up. Sorry for no pictures, but it was a bit weird to eat something you actually caught. Blame it on no longer being exposed to how food comes to be. I'll fully admit that if I had to kill my own meat, I probably would be a vegetarian. It's hypocritical but at least I admit it. Oh well, enough of that. We had fun, and the fish we caught were eaten. I leave you with some amazing shots of the beach.

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