Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Throwback-Foodie Fundraiser to Feed the Elderly

Here's a throwback to probably the coolest event I've ever been to. For one, it's the first charitable event I've ever attended as a guest and not as a workhorse, who has to look glammed up to boot! It also had amazing food, the fanciest I've ever had. I'm in my mid-twenties living in NYC and working in non-profits, so this is out of my reach for the most part.

Finally, it's for a good cause, not only because I work there (which helps), but it's also a really good cause. More people are getting older, and are outliving many relatives. They wind up alone, not really agile enough to go out, and not really able to get or prepare food for themselves. While the City of New York provides meals on weekdays, it doesn't have the means to on weekends, holidays, heatwaves or snow storms. Citymeals-on-Wheels has been providing meals to fill in these gaps for 29 years.

Founded by Gael Greene and James Beard founded in 1981, Citymeals was created as a result of Greene and Beard reading a newspaper article about home bound elderly New Yorkers with nothing to eat on weekends and holidays.They tapped their friends in the restaurant community to help raise funds to fulfill this need.

Okay enough plugging, onto the food!

66 Bistro's Brazilian Beef Bourgingnon with Black Acai Sauce. This was quite good, rich and beefy.

Arrows' Fried Winten Point Oyster with Smoky Green Pepper Relish, and a Maine Lobster Roll with Mayo and Celery. The Fisherman liked the Lobster Roll, I thought a tad less mayo would be good, but I think we need to go on a hunt for lobster rolls though :)

Aurelole's Rum Baba with Vanilla Chantilly and Berries. Mmmm, but I'm a dessert whore.

Brasserie 8 12 Elysian Fields Lamb Belly with Pickled Ramps, Charred Lily Bulbs and Vivoli il Gelato in Red Wine Marinated Strawberry Gelato and Grandma's Cream Custard Gelato. OMG amazingly silky and lamby. Like a soft lamby blanket, on your tongue. The gelato was wonderful, and although my grandma did like making dessert, if she made this I would be 400 lbs by now.

Centrico's Tinga de Pollo Chicken Hash with Chipotle, Aromatic Spices and Tomatoes and Sopa Seca noodle casserole. No Aaron Sanchez though. This was disappointing, not only to not see Aaron, but the chicken was spicy only, not much flavor, and the sopa seca, meh. I did see Karine Bakhoum though, and I didn't turn into a fan girl. Although I like the idea of Chopped, I need a beer after watching it, it's really intense!

Craigie on Main's Kashka Varnishkas with Duck Confit. Meh.

eating Lincoln's Spumoni (pistachio gelato with poached sour cherries). Fun to eat, but the cherries were a bit much.

Ford's Filling Station's Skewered Lamb Meatballs wrapped in Lardo. OMG amazing! I tried to eat this in one bite (Italians having larger mouths than most), but I should have tried to take it in multiple bites.

Junoon's Mini Samosa with Tamarind Chutney. A nice bite. I'd like to check out Junoon, not just from this, but I've heard other good things.

Lincoln's Extra Virgin Olive Oil Poached Tuna, Chickpeas, Calabrian Chili, Mint. I love raw tuna, and thought this was awesome. The Fisherman has a preference for salmon, which I also like, but that just means more tuna for me.

Naples 45's Paccheri alla Genovese. I was underwhelmed, to be honest. The pasta was HUGE, and a bit dry. But I'm also really picky about pasta, and sauce more so.

Nobu's Bara Zushi (seasoned sushi rice with fish garnish). OMG sooo good! And great presentation!

Patina Restaurant (Los Angeles)- Rhubarb and Strawberry Almond Crumble. Also very yummy!

Quality Meats NY-Flatiron Steak with Blackberries (finished a Paris 75-a drink with champagne, lemonade and gin). Lovely steak. The berries were hard to eat though with the steak. Nice drink too.

Rock Center Cafe Crostini with Octopus, with Basil Oil and Chili Oil. Really, really good. No need for the Crostini part though.

Scarpetta's Crudo. Also good.

SD26 Restaurant and Wine Bar's Raviolo wih Goat Cheese and Prosciutto. I love both goat cheese and prosciutto so this was a win!

Society Cafe's Buffalo Tartare, Hottish Vinaigrette and Red Veined Sorrel. Also good.

Something also nice and boozy, and Tocqueville 15 East-Wild Boar Ragout with Creamy Parmesan Polenta. I liked this alot, I wish I could make this!

Sprinkles-cupcakes (from left, dark chocolate, red velvet, vanilla). OMG Cupcakes!! I actually liked the vanilla more because the flavor profile was more elaborate than the chocolate ones.

Sushi Zen Bluefin Tuna Sushi. Now I know why this animal is endangered. At least it didn't die in vain.

The Fisherman with Stella Artois and Hoegaardan beer. The Fisherman looks so handsome with two cups of beer, lol.  The Fisherman and I liked the Hoegaarden, even though I don't like the name. Is it like "pick a prostitute?" No thanks...

The Salt Lick's Brisket Slider (yeah, we ate all of this, but we shared some stuff too). OMG Burnt ends!! I wish I had more room to devour this!

The Sea Grill's Root Beer Float with Espresso Ice Cream. Pretty good, the espresso played nicely with the Root Beer. 

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