Friday, June 17, 2011

Fatty Friday

I don't usually go out for lunch. I work in Midtown NYC, so food is expensive, the lines are usually crazy long, and usually not all that tasty or healthy. But today I thought for a treat I'd check out Kimchi Taco. On my way up there, before I even get off the block I see a STREET FAIR!!

Usually it's a block (in this case) or so, closed off to traffic, and usually selling clothes, jewelry, knickknacks, this one had a stall selling spices (hmm, street spices...), and of course, street food.

Now, for one block I think I easily saw 4-5 kebob/gyro stalls, 3-4 arepa stalls, two Mexican stalls (psssht, not interested! I live in Elmhurst!!), and maybe 3-4 Italian sausage stalls. Talk about a repeat act!

Despite their repetitive nature, of course I had to check it out, I mean, it's a street fair, right next to where I work!

Now, Rule #1 for eating at street fairs: it's usually a bad idea to eat at the first place you find. One, everyone else is doing that = long lines. Two, you get full before you find the good stuff further down, and three, you might (probably) will find something better once you do a look over of the situation.

I did this, trying not to shove the few unlucky tourists who go in my way and forgot to move forward and rather bobbed side to side like Weeble Wobbles *suppresses urge to bust their knees* and did my assessment.

I had no intention of spending more than $10 (which I allotted for tacos, see, NYC food is $$$!!) but here's another funny thing about street fairs: when you ask how much, they stay quiet unless you actually want to order. Okay, I'll bite, it's a street fair by work, it's once in awhile. $14 later I got a gyro and a corn dog. Oh well. At least now I can tell you to NEVER get a corn dog with a turkey hot dog. Beef or pork, only, or you will be smited. I was, I lost $5 for it!

The gyro, however was quite good. I don't know about $8 good, but I was impressed that the meat was succulent and not dry (despite being shorn from the mothership of meat logitude previously). The tzatziki
 was good too.

Overall, like I said, I eat outside once in awhile while at work, can't say I'd go back. On the other hand, I think that's the nature of these kinds of venues (I won't even tell you how much I fork over at San Gennaro,
I should have frequent flyer points with them at this point!) Besides, it's Friday!

Mangia! Enjoy the weekend!

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